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The Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco has a notorious and longstanding history of broken promises, underscoring the need for an organized, unified voice that helps shape important public issues. Historically compromised health conditions due to poor air, soil, and water quality, along with crisis-level displacement pressures and under-employment, are our organization’s primary areas of focus.


The Advocates seek to help keep Black people and immigrants in our historic neighborhood and find strategies and actions to slow and reverse the rapid displacement of diverse populations from all of San Francisco, along with the displacement of the working class of all ethnicities from the City. Our environmental advocacy is tightly woven with our workforce and economic development interests, in the hopes of keeping a diverse Bayview Hunters Point.


In 2019, we renewed our organization and our commitment to environmental justice advocacy for our vulnerable neighborhood. After eight months of volunteer efforts, the Advocates launched several new programs, including:

🔘A new Southeast Community Council – training for environmental justice advocacy and organizing

🔘A new Community Toxic Index, documenting neighborhood sites under environmental agency oversight

🔘A new text hotline to report Muni issues

🔘An online library of documents regarding the Navy’s toxic waste dump at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

🔘Planning for a community-owned co-op grocery store.


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