Community Emissions Reduction Program

Bayview-Hunters Point will have its own Clean Air Plan, thanks to AB-617.

But…how did we get here?

What does this mean for Bayview-Hunters Point, and how can we get involved?

Image describing sources of air pollution.

Air pollution is defined as chemical, physical or biological contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment, which changes the breathable atmosphere of an area.

The picture to the left shows different sources of pollution. Here in Bayview-Hunters Point, Industry, Transport, Waste Management and Household Energy are major pollution sources.

What Do Emissions Have to Do with Air Pollution in the Bayview?

Bayview has an extremely high amount of industrial activity concentrated in our neighborhood. All that activity emits, or in other words releases particles into the atmosphere that can be toxic for our health.

Not all emissions are bad – for example, plants help clean our air by “breathing in” carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and emitting oxygen! However, common toxic emissions you may have heard of are carbon monoxide, lead, smog, and particulate matter.

Major Causes of Emissions in Bayview-Hunters Point

Watch this video for a great explanation of greenhouse gases and their role in pollution in Bayview-Hunters Point and beyond.
Video courtesy of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Let’s be honest: how many times have you sniffed Bayview’s air and tried to figure out where that smell is coming from? Some causes include:

  • Highways 101 and 280, which run through our neighborhood
  • Diesel trucks
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Old power plant
  • Pollutants emitted during residential or business construction and road repairs
  • Freight and commuter trains
  • Cement company
  • Wastewater treatment plant / waste management plant
  • Port / maritime activities
  • Indoor pollutants from gas lines and gas-powered equipment

So, How Do We Tackle All These Emissions? Let’s Talk AB-617!

What is AB-617?

Environmental justice communities like Bayview-Hunters Point have spent decades advocating for state funding to plan a serious reduction in air pollution in our neighborhoods. In 2017, we were finally heard.

California State Assembly Member Cristina Garcia authored Assembly Bill 617 (AB 617) to address air pollution impacts in environmental justice communities. This program requires Regional Air Districts and the California Air Resources Board to support environmental justice communities in creating community led plans to reduce exposure to emissions.

How Serious is the Air Quality Issue in D-10?

A historical industrial center of San Francisco, Bayview-Hunters Point is longtime home to both marginalized communities and unfortunately, hazardous waste sites.

Many residents suffer from high rates of respiratory issues, rare cancers and asthma.

To illustrate the health divide, when compared to the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, residents’ life expectancy in the southeast sector of the City is 14 years less.

How Do We Take Action?

Steering committee member speaking in front of room of people.

Join our Steering Committee!

The best way for you to get involved is to come to our Community Steering Committee sessions! We’ll be discussing new policies and tactics that will help us leverage existing funding to reduce air pollution in the Bayview.

Steering Committee Schedule

Meeting Time: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, from 5-7pm

Location: Southeast Community Center. Address: 1550 Evans Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124


Contact Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates

Phone: 415-259-6700 Email:


Arianne Harrison

Phone: 415-504-5107 Email:

We hope to see you soon!

Steering Committee Activities

See left for our plan to tackle polluting emissions as a community! Make sure to sign up for our Community Steering Committee above to make your voice heard and get involved!

Our Partners | Further Resources

Visit the Air District’s website to view meeting materials and announcements for upcoming meetings.

This is a picture of local Bayview-Hunters Point activists at a town hall meeting.
This is a link to the California Air Resources Board webpage.

Learn more about AB-617 at the California Air Resources Board.